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SO, I’ve finally succumbed and started writing a blog. I’d love to say that this blog is the result of a deep-seated yearning to share my ‘journey’ with everyone who may care to read it. An outlet with which to share the rise and ongoing world domination of a production music composer and session musician. A digital tapestry of the daily exploits of a musical genius, laid bare for all dutiful followers to share.

Don’t worry this Composer knows that this is absolute bollocks.

Not on my watch.

This is the result of finally learning a little about SEO and taking the advice of an old and trusted friend. A friend who is actually a trained physiotherapist and could make you moan in exquisite pleasure with his manual manipulation of your stressed muscles. Or, conversely, cause you to squeal in agony as he separates your upper something from your lower radial bobbly bits. Anyway, he’s been training himself up in the world of all that is SEO and has kindly agreed to use me and my SEO-less site as a guinea pig for his new-found talents.

As such, I will be endeavouring to keep a regular journal (sorry, I mean blog) of my developing career as a composer for all that is tv, film and media related avenues. As well as my many gigs as a session guitarist, drummer, ukulelist, banjoer, mandolinophile, bassistician and dobroer. Many of which you will hear me play whilst your sat down drinking your evening bowl of wine and eating your Sunday strudel.

This week, I’m finalising some sound design for a future album to be released on Gothic Storm’s Toolworks label. 21 different sound design ‘tracks’, each created from original acoustic sounds. Created on guitars, mandolins or Ronrocos. I’m also awaiting 3 different albums to be released. These will be on Score Production Music (BMG), Triumph Music (Made Up Music/5 Alarm) and Reliable Source Music (Intervox).

So read away, dear reader and autobots working for Google. Devour my prose and bloggy information. Make me rise higher and ever higher on yon Google tree.

Until I blog again.



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