Remote Session

Remote Session Guitarist

Mike is a busy remote session guitarist. You can hire Mike to record guitar parts or MIDI drum tracks and send them directly to add to your project. Audio stems can be provided with processing or without. Please provide session format details with any enquiry.

Electric guitars can be recorded with amp modelling software. Presets can be saved and supplied to clients if requested. This means that stems can then be further edited by the client without need to pay for further re-recordings. Mike uses NI Guitar Rig, BIAS Amp & FX and Waves PRS modelling.

As a remote session guitarist, Mike can also play acoustic or classical guitars. Depending on the arrangement and style of music, Mike is happy to provide many different layers to help make your track sound rich and dense. Or indeed just a couple of recorded audio stems if that’s all that’s needed. If you’ve never received recorded material for your project Mike is happy to talk you through the process of importing it into your DAW.


Mike can also play ukulele, banjo, bass, Weissenborn, lap steel, dobro, mandolin and charango. The handy one stop guitar shop!

Each project is unique so there isn’t a set price list. Please contact Mike for a quote. Include as much information regarding the project’s requirements as possible. We can very quickly work out how many tracks you need, deadline, delivery formats etc…

All styles and ranges of music considered. From rock to jazz, blues to funk, Americana to tension drones and beyond. For remote session work you can provide as much or as little info as possible. Your provided written parts can be performed or parts can be improvised. Some clients have no idea what they want and just let Mike do his thing.

Live Sessions

Mike is available for your live recording sessions too. He is also now running Pro Tools 12 in his studio, which features a real-time possibility of working online with producers and engineers. Useful for those sessions where Mike is needed to record with the producer listening back ‘as it happens’.

Recent remote session clients include work for Brolly Brollyman’s score for ‘Secret Life of the Farm’ for the BBC. Also for adverts for McDonalds and a Transformers video game. Not to mention the hundreds of his own compositions that he’s featured playing on.

Mike is happy to either play from your own written parts or to improvise and write parts that will best suit your music.

remote session guitarist

Mike’s Gear:

  • iMac 27” Intel Core i5, 20GB RAM
  • Pro Tools 12
  • Focusrite Saffire Pro40
  • Numerous plugins from Waves, Softube, Slate, PSP etc…
  • Blackstar ID:260 amp
  • Line 6 DT25 combo valve amp
  • AER Compact 60 acoustic amp
  • Boss GT-8 multi effects processor
  • Roland GR-55 Guitar Synth
  • Various Pro quality microphones
  • PRS Guitars CE22
  • Gretsch Guitars 1959 Nashville Classic
  • Martin Guitars Auditorium Acoustic
  • Gretsch G9221 Resonator
  • Teisco ‘surf’ guitar
  • Gretsch Electromatic Lap Steel
  • Raimundo Classical
  • Gold Tone Banjo
  • Alan Jackson Custom Built Weissenborn
  • Koa Ukulele
  • Charango
  • Mandolin
  • Fender Precision Lyte Bass
  • E-Bow
  • Hammer Jammer
  • Roland TD-20 V-Drums (running through Addictive Drums 2)
  • Bongos
  • Djembe
  • LP Vibraslap
  • Jew’s Harp
  • Range of Zildjian cymbals for ‘live’ cymbal tracks
  • Numerous things to shake, hit and rattle

As a remote session musician and composer, Mike has many connections in the music world. If there are any other instrumentalists needed to complete your project, please inquire.